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Install Salobreña Mobile Guide on your mobile, and you can get FREE all the tourist information of Salobreña, La Caleta, and Lobres.


How to install?

  • If you download the application to the PC, you will needs to send it to your mobile via Bluetooth, cable or through the memory card. Upon receiving the application, your phone will ask for confirmation to install and then it will appear in the Applications section or Games. If you install the application with the PC-Suite of the phone brand, you will need this file to install. When using BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you need to download this file and this one.

  • If you download the application directly from the phone, needs to aloow the installation once the download is complete.Once installed the application appears in the Applications section or Games.

  • If you get it by Bluetooth just accept the confirmation of installation and it will appear in the Applications section or Games.

  • Try it on the PC:


    You can test the application on PC. You will need to have installed Java JRE. Check if you have it and install it from here


    If you already have it just CLICK on the image below.


    Aplication emulator


    *The application requires Java technology (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0) to work. It is very common in the vast majority of phones in recent years. iPhone is not compatible.

    Download methods:

  • Surfing from PC:
  • download

  • Surfing from mobile device:
  • download

  • Surfing from BlackBerry:
  • download

  • By Bluetooth from the Bluetooth Point at Salobreña Municipal Tourist Office